Final Project

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Project 1 -Fav Book

Hi friends as i said in the previous post. This educational platform provides valuable content. Grab it.


<!DOCTYPE html><html><head>  <meta charset=”utf-8″>  <meta name=”viewport”


 <title>JS Bin</title></head><body>  <h1>📖MY Fav Book📗</h1>   <h2>Good Vibes Good Life </h2>   

<p>     Hallo! My name is Dharnishaa.   


This My Fav Book.</p>    <p>I love reading Motivational Book.</p>    <p>Books that boost the perspect of life.</p>     <p>Good Vibes Good Life By Vex King📔</p>   </p>    

  <h1>📓My Fav Book📕</h1>      <ul>

<p>      Okay! A little bit explanation about this Book📙.   <p> This is a book that contain full of positive contents💛. </p>    

  <p>A book that gives a lots of motivation to lift ones lifes with purpose⏲.</p>     

 <p>This book is only for readers that finding positivity and to connect themselves to self-love.</p>     

 <p>Good Vibes will automatically will provide a Good Life.</p>      <p>Book By the very talented Vex King. A book that changes many of lifes.</p>      </p>


<h1>The Book Related Video</h1>

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      </ul>    <!–Book Picture–>  <h3>Book Reference📘</h3>  <li>    <img src=”” alt=”Good Vibes Good Life”>  </li>  <li>    <img src=”” alt=”Content”>  </li>                  
  <h3>Additional Book Links</h3>

   <li><a href=”″>Link 1</a&gt;

<li><a href=”″>Link 2</a&gt;

<li>  <a href=””>Link 3</a></li>  

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Hello Friends! I am making use of the pandemic MCO with such an useful HTML front-end course. The , is currently offering a wonderful online course. The basic HTML Front-End. Here are some of the coding that I have learned and created on. This is a very good platform to improve the developing knowledge.

Here My Work;

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset=”utf-8″>
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width”>
<title>JS Bin</title>
<h1>MY CAKE</h1>
<h2>Double-Chocolate Moist Cake </h2>
Hallo! My name is Dharnishaa.
<p>I am going to show the steps to bake a simple and delicious cake.</p>
<P>Follow my Step For A Delicious Dessert.</P>
<!–Ingredients Preparation–>
<h3>Ingredient List</h3>
<li>Self-Rising Flour – 500g </li>
<li>Casterd Sugar – 1 cup </li>
<li>Vegetable Oil – 150 ml </li>
<li>Egg – 2 oz </li>
<!–The cake baking procedure–>
<li>Mix the flour gently. Make sure the flour is saturated before the mixture </li>
<li>Pour 150ml of vegetable oils slowly </li>
Can replace with melted butter too
<li>Add the casterd sugar into the mixture </li>
<li>Add the egg </li>
Well beat egg
<!–Baking Temperature–>
<h3> Oven Baking</h3>
<li>Bake the mixture </li>
<li>180 Degree </li>
<h2>The Cake Is Ready!</h2>